How to purchase from Amazon


Please be sure to check the Contracts section of this site FIRST before purchasing from Amazon. If you have questions, please e-mail

Amazon Business provides numerous business-specific benefits. One we are most excited to extend to Faculty and Staff is Business Prime Shipping. Business Prime Shipping provides FREE Two-Day shipping on Prime eligible items, no matter the order size.

As an added benefit, you will have immediate access to:

  • Automatic tax exempt purchasing on items sold by LLC and participating 3rd party sellers
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on millions of items
  • Access to a specialized business only Customer Service team at 866-486-2360

Get started with Amazon Business

Requesting an Amazon Business Account

All Amazon Business purchases should be placed through UF’s centralized UF Amazon Business account. To access UF’s Amazon Business account, please email with your request from your UF email account. Make sure to include your name, department, UFL email address, and have a valid UF PCard in your name. Your request will get processed within two business days. Once processed, you will receive an activation email directly from with the subject line, “Welcome to Amazon Business”.  The activation period is time sensitive; please take action as soon as possible. For questions on activating your account, please reference the Registration guide posted here: Registration Guide.

How do I activate my Amazon Business account?
Activate your Amazon Business account by clicking “Accept the Invitation” from the email. The activation email will look similar to the one below, the subject line is “Welcome to Amazon Business”.  The first time you access Amazon Business, you will be prompted to create an Amazon Business account. You must use your University of Florida email address for your Amazon Business account.


What if I have previously used my University of Florida email address to register for a verified Amazon Business account?
All previous, stand-alone, Amazon Business accounts must be migrated under the centralized UF account. Prior to joining the UF account, you will need to de-register your account. Please note, the migration of your account will not impact your purchasing process and you will log in using your same user credentials.

BEFORE you take the following steps to de-register your account, please contact if one or more of the following is applicable to you:

  • You are on an account with multiple users
  • You have workflow approvals established on your account
  • You have a shared payment method established on your account

If you have any other specific features or customizations enabled on your account

If NONE of the above is applicable to you, please take the follow steps: 

  1. Log onto your Business Account and download an order history report for the past 6-12 months (recommended best practice)
  2. If applicable, remove all users from the account.
  3. Click the following link to deregister your existing account (it will not remove any information on the account, simply the Amazon Business account tag):

Once this process is complete, please email and you will be sent an activation email to join the main UFL account. If you remove any users on the account, please include their names in the body of your email.

When I click “Accept the Invite” in the activation email, I am prompted to log in. I do not know my log in credentials.

If you do not remember your Password, please call Customer Service and ask for a link to reset your Password. Customer Service can be reached at 866-486-2360.

Can I use the University of Florida Amazon Business account for personal use?
The centralized University of Florida Amazon Business Account should be used for business purchases only. Non-compliance with this directive may be considered mis-use of PCard.

I already use my University of Florida email address to make PERSONAL purchases.
If your University of Floridaemail address is already associated with an account, you will have the option to split off and transfer any purchase history to a separate account. You will be prompted to enter a new, personal email address (e.g. or

Can I agree to the Amazon Business Terms and Conditions when I sign up for my account?
Yes, the Terms and Conditions have been reviewed and agreed to by UF Procurement.

Shopping on Amazon Business

What am I able to purchase on Amazon Business?

UF has established a centralized Amazon Business account to make purchases of items not available through myUF market and other contracts easier. Through Amazon Business UF has access to all items available on the standard site, plus additional business-specific items as well as other items.

Before you purchase, check with UF Contract Suppliers

Before you complete your purchase, please check UF’s contract suppliers on myUF Market.  Although price is an important factor, finding best value for UF is key.  UF contract vendors provide service, in addition to competitive pricing.  If you shop under a category where UF contract supplier can potentially provide a product, you will get a pop-up message reminding you to check with UF contract suppliers first.  The pop-up doesn’t prevent your purchase, but serves as a reminder. You can find more information on the UF Procurement Contracts webpage.  If you are unfamiliar with myUF Market more information can be found here , or contact

How do I get FREE TWO-DAY shipping?

Through UF’s centralized Amazon Business account, you will have unlimited fast, FREE Two-Day shipping on eligible items. Products eligible for Business Prime Shipping will be designated with a “Prime” logo on the product page and at checkout. Please note, not all shipping speeds are available for all items and all addresses.

I purchased a Prime Membership with my P-Card. Can I receive a refund now that I have joined the University of Florida Business account?

Yes, navigate to Manage My Prime Membership > End Membership and follow the steps to cancel your Prime membership without having to reach out to Customer Service. The pro-rated refund will be automatically calculated and issued to you. Please note: Customer Service Agents will not be able to issue a pro-rated refund for you if you call to “cancel your Prime membership.

I was charged sales tax on my order even though my Amazon Business account is setup for tax exempt purchasing. How do I get refund? 
If your item is sold or fulfilled by Amazon, you can request a tax refund directly from Amazon by calling Amazon Business customer service at 866-486-2360. If you purchased your item from a 3rd party seller, go directly to “Orders”, locate the item that was charged tax, and click Contact Seller. Please give the seller two business days to respond.

How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?
Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached at 866.486.2360.

How do I share feedback with University of Florida about my Amazon Business experience?

We value your input! We want to hear what’s working well and what you would like to see improved. Email your feedback to