Vendor address:
Dell Marketing LP
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-0325

For assistance with all Dell systems, Microsoft and 3rd Party Peripherals

Stefanie Shaw
Account Manager
Phone: (512) 513-3023

Annabel Andrews
Software Specialist
Phone: (512) 416-9177

Hector Welsh
Local Gov’t/Ed Account Executive
Phone: (904) 210-1019


myUF Market

Dell is a myuf Market-enabled vendor. Find UF standard bundles, retrieve equotes, and configure systems in the myuf Market Dell Punchout site. See the myUFL Market Dell FAQs for more information.

Check your Dell PO status in the myuf Market Dell Punchout.

Requisition Description/Quote Number Info:

Use the Enabled Vendor Quote form when you have a customized quote (not an equote) from Dell. See the Dell FAQs for further details.

Preferred Line Item Description per UF Asset Management:

“Computer, Dell OptiPlex GX520 Desktop per quote #00123456789”

Personal Purchases

Dell offers faculty and staff discounts on systems for personal purchases (not University funds). Please visit Dell’s UF page. You can also contact the faculty, student, and staff team by phone at 1-888-973-3355. Please reference UF’s member ID #US10026505.

Step-by-step instructions for solving general PC issues:

See Dell’s support page.

Customer Care:

1-800-274-7799, ext.66409

Technical Support:

1-800-234-1490; when prompted, enter the Express Service Code for the system. The Express Service Code is located on the system on the same decal as the Service Tag. This will rapidly route your call to the proper product queue instead of going through all of the menu items.


Contact Procurement.