Procurement Cards (PCards)


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PCards have a new look! 

The card number and cardholder’s name are now on the back of the card rather than the front.

The change is only for newly issued cards. Cards with the old design will continue to work as usual.  When your current card expires the renewal card will have the new look.

These new cards are also contactless. Where you see the contactless logo, just tap your card on the terminal to pay (but don’t forget your receipt).

To activate a PCard you must have your Verification ID which is zero followed by your UFID. (10/7/21)

Beginning 7/2/2020 supporting documentation for PCard transactions will be added via OnBase.   See the Attaching Documentation to PCard Transactions Via OnBase Instruction Guide for detailed information.  The Guide can be found on Training and Organizational Development’s Procurement Toolkit for PCard, and via the Instruction Guides page of the PCard Alphabetical Index.


The University of Florida Procurement Card (PCard) is a corporate credit card issued by Bank of America. Just like a regular credit card, it’s fast and easy; no waiting for a purchase order and vendors are paid quickly.
PCards are designed for UF staff, faculty, graduate assistants, and OPS employees who make purchases or travel for official University business. PCards are only issued to individuals whose dean, director, or department head authorizes the requests.

All PCard purchases must have a clear business purpose and be permitted by the funding source. The PCard may only be used for purchases that are reasonable and for appropriate goods or services necessary to accomplish the mission of the University.

To apply for a PCard:

All PCard transactions are subject to review by the PCard Team.

In the case of PCard use, it is extremely important the University maintain a positive reputation for being a good steward of all moneys.  It is equally important that sound fiscal processes be in place to ensure the appropriateness of PCard use.

Please be sure your department has the budget available before making any charges. For instructions on how to check your budget see the KK Budget Inquiry Instruction Guides on the myUFL Toolkits section of Human Resource Services’ web site.
Use the Alphabetical Index link to find more information about the PCard program, policies and procedures, and appropriate use.