Procurement Staff

UF Procurement

971 Elmore Dr, Rm 102
PO Box 115250
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 392-1331
Fax: (352) 392-8837 Helpdesk: (352) 392-1335

Procurement Commodity Codes List

UF Procurement Staff Phone Number
Lisa Deal, Assistant VP and Chief Procurement Officer  294-1151
Nicola Heredia, Associate Director 294-1155
Shannon Penny, Administrative Support Assistant III 294-1150
Chantal Johnson, Administrative Support Assistant I 392-1331


MRO and Construction Phone Number
Karen Olitsky, Procurement Agent III 294-1163
Debbie Berrier, Procurement Agent II 294-1160
Services and Events Phone Number
Irina Ivanova, Procurement Agent II 294-1154
Elisabeth Eubanks, Procurement Agent II 294-1165
Research and Scientific Phone Number
Jennifer Leckerling, Procurement Agent III 294-1159
TBA, Procurement Agent II 294-1161
Total Office Support Phone Number
Rob Luetjen, Procurement Agent III 294-1162
Taylor McKellips, Procurement Agent II 294-1153
Contract Management and Procurement Systems Phone Number
Marianne Preisler, IT Professional I 294-1164
Steve Neal, Supplier Relationship Manager 294-1157
Procurement Analytics Phone Number
Karen C. Frank, CPSM, Data Management Analyst III 294-1152
Hannah Kibler, Business Intelligence Analyst 294-1166
Procurement Help Desk Phone Number
Household/Lab Moves and Events & Services
Jim McElveen, Procurement Assistant 294-1170
Research & Scientific
TBA, Procurement Assistant 294-1169
MRO/Construction and Total Office Support
Jeffrey Hendel, Procurement Assistant 294-1168

UF PCard Staff

971 Elmore Dr, Rm 109
PO Box 115250
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 392-1331
Fax: (352) 392-8837 or (352) 392-0081 

PCard Phone Number
John Edmands, Accountant III 294-1172
Theresa Loper, Administrative Specialist II 294-1174
Constance (Chris) Williams, Administrative Specialist II 294-1173
Johnny Dudley, Program Assistant 294-1171
Samathers Richardson, Program Assistant 294-1175