Mister Paper Office Supply

Last Revised 5/9/2024


Contract #PUR-05407;

Enhanced office supply contract offers best value

Procurement Services has enhanced its agreement with UF’s primary supplier of office products—Mister Paper-Office Depot Tier 1—to better serve The Gator Nation.


  • Purchases with Mister Paper Business Products help support a small, local, and diverse business. For office supplies, Office Depot provides the electronic catalog and products, in partnership with Mister Paper, who handles all deliveries, billing and customer service (returns, exchanges, etc.).
  • New “hot list” of over 400 items, to achieve a deeper discount on UF’s most frequently purchased products. This list is refreshed periodically to ensure it is a reflection of UF’s preferences and takes advantage of smart and sustainable products.
  • This update takes into account the changes in raw material costs, fuel & delivery costs and increased product demand resulting in increased prices for some items while capturing lowered prices for other items which have become less expensive since contract implementation.
  • Procurement Services regularly monitors UF’s buying history to assure that campus continues to receive competitive pricing and best value. Both Procurement Services and Mister Paper-Office Depot Tier 1 have worked hard on this new pricing structure and hope you will find the new ‘hot list’ a powerful tool in helping you make economical and sustainable office supply purchases.


Contact University Procurement.
Questions about your order? Please contact Jimeka Norman at (352) 377-2737 or (888) 377-2737, or , Sajena Jacob 954-914-5575 your office-related products account managers.


Q: Can I make personal purchases from this contract vendor?
A: Yes, Office Depot is now offering a discount site/card for all UF employees, students, faculty and Alumni to receive discounts in their online and retail stores. This discount applies to most items with even bigger discounts on selected products and huge discounts in their copy print centers. Some technology items not included. http://uf.savingcenter.net/
Q: I like to order in small quantities as I need them, is that ok?
A: In an effort to limit delivery trucks and lower emissions generated by them on our University campus, a $4.95 delivery fee will be applied to orders under $50.00. Departments are urged to shop efficiently and consolidate orders. Please note that Pepsi products can be ordered at the same time as regular office products from the Office Depot punchout, but only Office Depot products will count towards the $50 or over free shipping/delivery.