myUF Marketplace Quarterly Upgrade to 24.2 July 15, 2024

With the new myUF Marketplace Quarterly Upgrade on July 15, 2024, changes include:

  • In Change Orders, items that have changed have been highlighted in light blue, such as Quantity and Amount, to make the changes easily identifiable. With the new upgrade, more fields have color when changed, such as ChartFields, External Notes and Attachments and Commodity Codes.

  • Workflow diagrams have more color added to help pinpoint movement and approvals for invoices, requisitions and change orders.
  1. For Requisitions, the workflow diagram has green markers for completed steps and blue markers for where the requisition is currently pending:

2. For invoices, the workflow diagram has the same and both now have the word Automated meaning approval is by system checks:

  • Core Offices will be able to identify folders that have inactive approvers that hold pending requisitions, invoices or change orders.
    • Departments should have at least two approvers per approval folder in case one approver is out or cannot get to the documents awaiting approval.

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Updated July 3, 2024