Procurement Tip of the Month – When to use the Agreement Intake Form

When to use the Agreement Intake Form:

Use the Agreement Intake Form (AIF) when an agreement or contract needs Procurement’s review/signature and a Requisition would not be appropriate. The Agreement Intake Form is used in lieu of emailing the agreement or contract to Procurement.

A requisition would not be appropriate when:

  • The event/service/item will be paid for using a PCard.
  • The agreement or contract is to secure conference space/hotel rooms and/or catering etc. for a future event and funds will be encumbered at a later date.
  • The contract requires a signature but there is no cost/payment required.

For help with completing the AIF, see the instruction guide “Using the Agreement Intake Form in myUF Marketplace.”

For help with choosing which form to use for a Requisition, use the “Guide To Appropriate Form Use In MyUF Market.”


Published: April 7th, 2021

Category: News

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