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Procurement Tip of the Month – Best Practices for Creating New Fiscal Year Requisitions

Annual Services Requisitions (e.g. Equipment Maintenance) Use Services Request Form For equipment maintenance, include equipment make/model and Asset ID Number (if applicable) in the Description, along with the location of the equipment to be covered Attach a copy of the service agreement, contract, quote, etc. Use the instruction guide, Shopping Using a Form for Service, […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – Procurement and PCard Year-End Dates

CRITICAL YEAR-END DATES  June 18, 2021 Last day to submit a requisition using FY21 appropriated funds. This applies to fund codes 101-109, 111-113, 121-122, 126, 132, 191, 196, 221 and 222. Last day to submit a change request on appropriated funds. June 23, 2021 Last day to approve PCard Transactions to ensure payment from FY21 […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – When to use the Agreement Intake Form

When to use the Agreement Intake Form: Use the Agreement Intake Form (AIF) when an agreement or contract needs Procurement’s review/signature and a Requisition would not be appropriate. The Agreement Intake Form is used in lieu of emailing the agreement or contract to Procurement. A requisition would not be appropriate when: The event/service/item will be […]

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UF Procurement’s vision is to set a standard of excellence by creating partnerships with customers and leading innovatively in strategic sourcing, contract management and efficient procurement processes to facilitate the UF mission and create outstanding value for the University.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

By accepting a University of Florida purchase order, the vendor agrees to our terms and conditions. Please view our Terms and Conditions page to review them.

Fraudulent Purchase Order Attempts

Please be aware there are active fraudulent attempts to place purchase orders and request for quotations that supposedly to originate from the University of Florida. While the university cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate these fraudulent attempts. Please see the topic “Fraudulent Purchase Order Attempts” on the “Vendors” page for more information.


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