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Procurement Services (including PCard) will be closed December 24, 2020 – January 1, 2021

Because of the above closure dates, Purchase Requisitions and Change Requests needing approval by December 31, 2020 should be submitted in myUF Marketplace no later than December 15, 2020 to allow sufficient time for review.  Please pay particular attention to grants ending with the calendar year and orders at $75,000 and above.

Procurement Tip of the Month – Agreement Intake Form vs. Requisition

When to use the Agreement Intake Form instead of a requisition: Use the Agreement Intake Form (AIF) when an agreement or contract needs Procurement’s review/signature and a Requisition would not be appropriate.   A requisition would not be appropriate when: The event/service/item will be paid for using a PCard. The agreement or contract is to […]

COVID-19 How do I get sanitizing and protective supplies for my department?

To obtain sanitizing and protective supplies for your department, use this list to view items UF has provided, and how to find and purchase gloves, face masks, wipes and hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies for your department with myUF Marketplace and a selection of vendors available.

COVID-19: Shipping to addresses other than your official UF location (updated 9/21/20)

COVID19 has created challenging times, so UF is relaxing normal protocols regarding where orders can be shipped. Because UF is still required to be good stewards of the funds spent, all purchases still require a business purpose. If you are working from home you can have items shipped to UF Facilities Services Central Stores for pick […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – Closing a Purchase Order

How to Close a Purchase Order in myUF Marketplace: Change Requests are no longer required to request a PO to be closed. Requestors and Financial Approvers are able to close POs through myUF Marketplace. To close a PO, open the PO in myUF Marketplace and click on the PO dropdown in the top right corner. […]

COVID-19: Suppliers Visiting Campus

Vendors are now permitted on campus, providing that appointments have been made with UF staff and faculty provided that a mask or face covering is worn in indoor public spaces on the University of Florida properties, and visitors must maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others while on the University of Florida properties […]

COVID-19: Public Bid Openings

In accordance with the advice to limit public meetings to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Procurement Services is unable to host the in-person public bid openings until further notice.  We are pleased to offer the ability to attend bid opening virtually. In order to attend a virtual bid opening, please email, include the solicitation […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – Update to PCard Non Allowable List

Pcard “Non-Allowable Purchases” List  The following services and related items have been added to the Procurement Card’s “Non-Allowable Purchases” list. New construction, alterations, renovations, remodeling, interior design, and other construction related services including but not limited to window treatments (curtains and blinds) or tinting, carpeting, painting, window or door replacements and security systems. These items […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – January 2020

Instruction Guides: The Instruction Guides found on HR’s Procurement Toolkits webpage are a great resource. For instance, learn how to Complete a Requisition or how to Fix a Rejected Requisition.   Procurement Staff: Visit our Procurement Staff webpage for contact information for our staff. You will also find a list of Commodity Codes that will help […]

Procurement Tip of the Month – New Punch-outs in myUF Marketplace

Procurement has recently added three new punch-out catalogs in myUF Marketplace. Apple – Computers and Peripherals       During checkout, the “proposal” is converted to a Cart which will then be returned to myUF Marketplace, and follow the normal requisition process Retrieve quotes through the punchout and add to cart by clicking “Send Quote”. […]