COVID-19: Shipping to addresses other than your official UF location (updated 9/21/20)

COVID19 has created challenging times, so UF is relaxing normal protocols regarding where orders can be shipped. Because UF is still required to be good stewards of the funds spent, all purchases still require a business purpose.

If you are working from home you can have items shipped to UF Facilities Services Central Stores for pick up within 14 days, or ship items to your home with appropriate documentation.

Orders shipping to UF Facilities Services Central Stores – due to storage limitation, items must be picked up within 14 days.

Purchase through myUF Marketplace
– In the Ship-To field search for the nickname “Central Stores” which is 1026 Magnolia.

  • In the “Attn” field – put the name of the person who will be picking up the order. The name must appear in the UF Directory so Central Stores can contact them.
  • In the “room/area” put the name of the department (not that not all supplier can put this information on the ship-to label
  • Central Stores will contact the UF employee to whom the package was addressed so they can pick-up the package between 7:30 am – 3:30 pm Mon-Fri with their UFID. Central Stores phone number 352-392-1116, email: Similar to picking up Campus Mail, only the person whose name appears on the package can pick it up. If a department needs to have several people authorized to pick-up, provide Central Stores a list in advance

Purchase with PCard

– Ship-To Address:
UF Central Stores – NAME [of person picking up package]
1026 Magnolia Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611

The person whose name is on the package should appear in the UF Directory so Central Stores can contact them if needed.

Note: Suppliers who sell technology may not ship to addresses other than the bill-to. Consider using myUF Marketplace and using a purchase order instead.

Orders shipping to non-UF addresses require:

  1. Justification explaining why the purchase needs to be shipped to the home including how the items are being used there.
    • Examples of acceptable justification:  Mailing supplies to recruit research participants
    • Unacceptable justification:  COVID
  2. Departments to ensure purchases are used appropriately in support of UF business and are returned to UF business locations as possible, as the items purchased are the property of UF. NOTE:  Departments may have unique requirements beyond these stated so check with your department

Home delivery options, in order of UF preference:

  1. Purchase through myUF Marketplace –products can ship to an alternate work location (non UF address)
    All full time staff and faculty are “shoppers” – you can shop using electronic catalogs loaded with UF pricing, assign the cart to a department staff member and he or she can order for you.Some helpful hints:
    –  For Shoppers: Instruction Guide for using the eCatalogs (punchout)
    – Use a one-time ship-to address for the non-UF address
    – Use Internal Notes for the required justificationmyUF Marketplace is a good place to shop for technology because most technology suppliers won’t ship to an address other than the billing address – when using PCard the billing address is a UF campus location.
  2. Reimbursement:  Purchase what you need with personal funds and request reimbursement through your department.
  3. Use your UF Pcard; all other rules for making purchases utilizing your p-card continue to apply


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Published: April 8th, 2020

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