Contact Information:

Gainesville Airgas Store Contact Information:
Ph: +1 (352) 338-7508
Fax: +1 (352) 338-2814

Louis Daigle
Airgas Store Manager
Ph: +1 (985) 507-3386

Rob Adams
Account Manager
Ph: +1 (407) 725-3776

Steven McMillen
District Manager
Ph: +1 (352) 263-3289

Processing Fees:  As of 11/1/18 monthly rental fees for high pressure cylinders and dewars will be discontinued.  Instead, a processing fee will be charged each time gas is purchased.  Prices will look higher than previously paid, but now will include a processing fee.

Ordering Instructions: Please see the ordering instruction guide for ordering from Airgas. Watch a short video on switching your Airgas Customer Number in myUF Marketplace.

Obtaining a New Account with Airgas for Ordering via myUF Marketplace: Please make sure you select your Ship To account number when using the Airgas punchout. If you do not have an account with Airgas, please use this form and email to Rob Adams on the form.

Exchanging and Swapping Cylinders: Beginning with purchases made on November 1st, any cylinder of gas that is purchased and lost can be charged to the account that places the order.  This means it is imperative that delivery documentation be received and maintained by the individuals responsible for each account.  To avoid incorrect billing, departments should not share or swap cylinders.  If Department A orders a cylinder of gas and then allows Department B to use the remainder, and Department B doesn’t return the cylinder via Department A, Department A could risk being responsible for having to pay for the “lost” cylinder.

Examples of costs of various cylinders:

  • 150 cf aluminum cylinder – $354
  • 300 cf steel cylinder – $232
  • 180 liter liquid dewar – $2713

Each department/account can check their cylinder balances by contacting the Airgas store at (352) 338-7508 or by going to the Airgas on myUF Marketplace and inserting your account number in the search box on the landing page. See picture below:

In order to maintain an accurate inventory here are some good practices:

  • Keep delivery and return documentation for your account
  • Make sure that Airgas has the correct Ship To information and accurate contacts for each account. Please contact the Gainesville Airgas Store (352-338-7508) if you do not know your ship-to account number.
  • Keep track monthly of cylinder balances. Airgas can provide a monthly summary including a review of cylinder balances. Please contact Gainesville Airgas Store (352-338-7508) for an account summary if you aren’t able to see your account on the Airgas website on myUF Marketplace.
  • Upon written request to Airgas, they can perform an audit of your account once a year. For an audit, please contact Steven McMillen (352-263-3289)


For ordering Bulk Nitrogen, click here.


  • Regarding the processing fee or Airgas punchout:
  • Regarding your Airgas account – Gainesville Airgas Store (352) 338-7508