Procurement Tip of The Month – All About Change Orders

To request a change to a Purchase Order, complete the Change Order Request form in myUF Marketplace. For help with completing the Change Order Request form, review the instruction guide Submitting a Change Request in myUF Marketplace.

Change orders can be created for the following reasons:

What cannot be changed:

  • Vendor, business unit, or ChartField (including account code, department id, flex code, project number, etc.) cannot be changed.
  • PO lines or distribution lines cannot be added.
  • A PO cannot be canceled if it has been vouchered against (finalize and budget check the last voucher; contact for help with the voucher finalization process.)
  • POs to internal vendors (Facilities Services and UFIT) cannot be changed or canceled. These POs provide ChartField information to the internal vendor, but do not encumber funds and a PO is not generated in myUFL.

Other helpful hints:

Published: February 25th, 2019

Category: News

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