Procurement Tip of the Month – When to Use the Agreement Intake Form vs a Requisition in myUF Marketplace

The Agreement Intake Form should be used when an agreement or contract needs Procurement’s review/signature and a requisition would not be appropriate. For example:

  • A contract to secure conference space and/or catering for a future event (and funds will be encumbered at a later date)
  • Paying for the event or service with a PCard
  • It is a no cost agreement
  • The agreement is for loaner equipment

For help with completing the Agreement Intake Form, please see the instruction guide Using the Agreement Intake Form in myUF Marketplace.


A Requisition should be used when purchasing goods or services that cannot be paid by PCard or cannot be paid unencumbered, and that may or may not include an agreement or contract that needs review/signature. For help selecting which form to use when creating a requisition, please see the Guide to Appropriate Form Use in myUF Marketplace.



  • November 2nd is UF Homecoming. Most UF offices, including Procurement Services, will be closed.
  • November 7th, from 11:00AM to 1:00PM, is Procurement Services’ Contract Supplier Showcase. Join Procurement and Pcard Staff in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom to meet a wide variety of UF Contract Vendors.
  • November 12th Veteran’s Day will be observed. Most UF offices, including Procurement Services, will be closed.


Procurement Tip of the Month is a new method for Procurement Services to communicate procurement tips and ideas to campus. Our goal is to provide helpful and useful tips to our customers.


Published: November 14th, 2018

Category: News

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