Campus Moves

Contract # ITB21EE-119

Publicly solicited contract for office, library and laboratory move services

Commodity Code: 78101804 Relocation services (GL Account Code: 719400 Moving Contractor)


  • Contact one of the vendors below for a written quote
  • If the quote is higher than $5,000, multiple quotes are required. Contact at least two additional vendors for a quote
    • All quotes are required to show (on company letterhead) the following information:
      • Move Start and Completion Dates (and times)
      • Mover on-site supervisor contact name & cell phone number
      • UF on-site representative contact name & cell phone number
      • Hourly rates showing:
        • Supervisor hours and rates
        • Labor per person hours and rates
      • Transportation costs
      • Scope of Work – detail the work required to complete the move; include any special instructions
        • NOTE: UF departments, manufacturers and distributors sometimes require special handling of equipment or furniture so ensure that guarantees, warranties, maintenance agreements or other special requirements will not be affected by move.
      • List of supplies required (including cost = list plus discount or = list minus discount)
      • Specialized equipment (including cost = list plus discount or = list minus discount)
      • Payment method (some vendors have additional discount on early payment or PCard payment)
  • Create a requisition in myuf Marketplace using the Standard Service Request Form
    • Include “Per Bid ITB21EE-119” in the external notes on the requisition
    • Use Commodity Code 78101804 and GL Account Code 719400
    • Back-up quotes attached to Internal Notes
    • Chosen vendor quote attached to External Notes


  • NOTE: if chosen vendor is more expensive than the other quoted vendors then give a brief explanation why they were chosen in the Internal Notes


Supplier List Price List



All questions concerning this contract should be directed to UF Procurement at or (352) 294-1153.

last revised 5/9/24