Furniture Procurement

Furniture must be purchased according to the guidelines found in Procurement Directives and Procedures under Section J, Office Furniture.

Local Furniture Dealers

Below is a list of furniture dealers in the Gainesville area.

OEC Business Interiors
1601 NW 60th Blvd.
(352) 332-1192

Business Interiors (formerly Office Environments)
4210 NW 37th Place Suite 500
Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 224-5161

Mister Paper
Jimeka Norman
1040 S. Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(888) 377-2737

Creating your Requisition in myUF Marketplace

  1. Quotes received from contract vendors should be separated indicating Asset and Expense items. Assets – The cost of the item(s) is >$4,999 (including freight/ installation incurred to acquire and/or install the furniture) and has a normal expected life of one year or more. Expense – Tangible personal property is less than <$5,000.If your quotes are not received in this fashion, please speak to the sales representative, request separation as instructed by Asset Management and Procurement.
  2. Use the Non-Catalog Item Form.
  3. Enter total of Asset Furniture >$4,999 on Line 1. Description must contain type of furniture (ex. workstation, conference table, etc.) and the quote number.
  4. Commodity Codes:
    56000000 Furniture and Furnishings
    56100000 Accommodation Furniture
    56110000 Workstations and Office Furniture
    56120000 Classroom and Instructional Furniture and Fixtures


  5. When Line 1 is complete, click “Save and Add Another” to create Line 2 for Non-Asset Furniture <$5,000.
  6. Enter total of Non-Asset Furniture >$5,000 on Line 2. Description must contain type of furniture (ex. chair, file cabinet, etc.) and the quote number. See item D above for commodity codes.
  7. “Save and Close” shopping cart.
    *As a shopper, you will assign your cart to a requester.
    *As a requester, you will complete the requisition.


  8. Requesters: To complete requisition, click “Review.” When completing the Chart of Account Fields use:
    Line 1 Account Code 781100 Furn & Equip >$4,999
    Line 2 Account Code 732900 Office Equipment <$5,000