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UF Procurement is pleased to announce the award for Multi-functional Copiers along with Managed Print Solutions to Xerox. This is a required contract for obtaining equipment. This innovative contract focuses on networking equipment owned by Xerox in order to reduce UF overhead expenses of owned and leased equipment. In addition, the networking provides the dedicated Helpdesk information to read monthly usage remotely, detect and fulfill supply needs, and provide advance warning of equipment malfunction to the on-site technicians to prevent downtime. All these components — the equipment, supplies such as toner, maintenance — are all included in the Cost Per Image (CPI) rate. Equipment in the program can be matched to departmental needs based on number of copies, workflow, floorplan, and many other factors. No two departments are alike. Xerox will be doing a comprehensive assessment of the UF copy/print environment and providing plans for reducing cost and effort in each department.

For Departments Currently Needing a Machine

Please submit a “new device” request by clicking the link below:

About This Contract

  • UF pays a negotiated rate per “image”; which means each time the machine copies or prints.
  • Included in this rate are new equipment, preventative maintenance, ordinary repairs, and all supplies including toner and staples. Paper is excluded.
  • One phone number to reach Xerox Helpdesk staff. The dedicated helpdesk will coordinate maintenance and repair requests, supplies, and other calls.
  • Certified on-site technicians committed to the high customer service, including response time.
  • By consolidating spend with a single vendor UF is taking advantage of economies of scale and efficiencies. Results of similar programs at other large universities have resulted in 25% to 30% cost avoidance.


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