Furniture Procurement

Furniture must be purchased according to the guidelines found in Procurement Directives and Procedures under Section J, Office Furniture.

State of Florida Furniture Contracts

State Contract #56120000-19-ACS: Furniture

Local Furniture Dealers

Below is a list of furniture dealers in the Gainesville area (listed alphabetically) that represent manufacturers on the State of Florida Contracts listed above.

MeTEOR Education
690 NE 23rd Avenue
(800) 699-7516

Mister Paper
Shane Roach
1040 S. Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 377-2737

OEC Business Interiors
1601 NW 60th Blvd.
(352) 332-1192

Business Interiors (formerly Office Environments)
4210 NW 37th Place Suite 500
Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 224-5161

Selecting a Dealer

Click below for the list of categories, manufacturers and their local dealers on the State of Florida Contracts listed above.

Creating your Requisition in myUF Market

  1. Quotes received from contract vendors should be separated indicating Asset and Expense items.Assets – The cost of the item(s) is >$4,999 (including freight/ installation incurred to acquire and/or install the furniture) and has a normal expected life of one year or more.Expense – Tangible personal property is less than <$5,000.If your quotes are not received in this fashion, please speak to the sales representative, request separation as instructed by Asset Management and Procurement.
  2. Use the Non-Catalog Item Form.
  3. Enter total of Asset Furniture >$4,999 on Line 1. Description must contain type of furniture (ex. workstation, conference table, etc.) and the quote number.
  4. Commodity Codes:
    56000000 Furniture and Furnishings
    56100000 Accommodation Furniture
    56110000 Workstations and Office Furniture
    56120000 Classroom and Instructional Furniture and Fixtures


  5. When Line 1 is complete, click “Save and Add Another” to create Line 2 for Non-Asset Furniture <$5,000.
  6. Enter total of Non-Asset Furniture >$5,000 on Line 2. Description must contain type of furniture (ex. chair, file cabinet, etc.) and the quote number. See item D above for commodity codes.
  7. “Save and Close” shopping cart.
    *As a shopper, you will assign your cart to a requester.
    *As a requester, you will complete the requisition.


  8. Requesters: To complete requisition, click “Review.” When completing the Chart of Account Fields use:
    Line 1 Account Code 781100 Furn & Equip >$4,999
    Line 2 Account Code 732900 Office Equipment <$5,000