Microscopes and Related Optics, Cameras and Accessories

Contract #ITB19JL-107 effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2022; additional 2 – 1yr renewals optional
This contract is the primary source for microscopes and related optics, cameras, and accessories over $5,000.

Items below $5,000 will be considered part of the contract if those items make a complete system or add to an existing system and are listed on one quote.

myuf Market hint: Use the Non-Catalog Item Form to create a requisition for microscopes and accessories. Configuration documents from the vendor should be attached to the Internal Attachments section of the requisition.

Vendor Manufacturer
Associated Microscope Inc.
Stephanie Enoch
Account Representative
Office: 800.476.3893 Ext.201
 Leica: Educational Microscopes
Capitol Microscope Services
Don Munns
Account Representative
Cell 770.422.3314
Fax 770.422.1833
Sean Sterrett
Labomed America
Swift Optical
National Optical
Fisher Scientific*
Charles Baatz
Account Representative
Office 352.454.1789
Customer Service 800.766.7000
Fisher brand
Hunt Optics & Imaging, Inc
Michael Heredia
Account Representative
VM 800.448.3929 Ext. 835
Cell 352.359.6988
Fax 877.768.1984
Olympus: Full Range Dealer
Camera/Software Series
Microscope Series
Turnkey System Series
Camera/Software Series
Keyence Corporation of America
Ari Klein
Account Representative
Cell 813.293.6671
Office 888.539.3623
Leica Microsystems
Michael Gerstein
Account Representative
Office 941.356.0154

Customer Service 800.248.0123
Life Sciences research
(excludes confocals)
Martin Microscope
Robert Martin
Account Representative
Office 864.859.2688
Fax 864.859.3332
Meiji Techno
Micro Optics of Florida, Inc
Jonathan Celestine
Account Representative
Cell 954.304.1421
Fax 727.873.6984
Carl Zeiss: Full Line Dealer
Reichert- Jung
Nikon Instruments
Larry Kordon
Sales Specialist
Cell 919.931.1188
Office 631.547.8657
Jonathan Ekman
Sales Representative
Cell 407.595.6542
Office 410.789.9883
All Product lines
SEO Enterprises
Terence Michael
Account Representative
Office 800.330.7654
Cell 863.644.3555
Fax 863.647.1369
Nikon Clinical
Labomed America

Terrie Gunter
Account Representative
Office 678.314.9165
Customer Service 800.932.5000
VWR brand

A “*” next to a supplier’s name indicates a supplier catalog is available for electronic ordering through myUF Market.