Temp Services


Contract #07-12
Effective: 7/1/18 – 6/30/22

Career Center Inc., dba TempForce of Gainesville
Carolynn Buchanan, Owner and Manager
Suzanne Ojeda-Clark, Billing Manager
Phone: (352) 378-2300
Fax: (352) 371-2573
Web: http://www.tempforcegainesville.com/

Price Sheet

TempForce Supervisor Guide & Ordering Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: TempForce requests that all talent selected for a UF order, work a minimum of four to six weeks on TempForce payroll prior to transitioning to a UF permanent hire.

Instructions For Creating A Requisition with TempForce:

  • Use the Standard Service Request form
  • Supplier: Career Center Inc.
  • Commodity Code: 80000000 – Professional Administrative Performance or Business Services
  • UOM 1, Estimated cost = hourly rate UF pays TempForce, Quantity = number of hours (40 hours /week)
  • Enter the number of hours (40 hours /wk) at the hourly rate
  • Distribute by Quantity
  • Note: if the temporary employee remains with your unit longer than the initial period, process a change order in myUF Market to increase the quantity/number of hours.

Before placement, the following services are performed on behalf of UF under this contract:

  • Background screening: public local, state, and federal criminal background screening, paid service screenings, minimum of ten years previous locations of residence, employment and/or education check. If necessary, credit history and motor vehicle record screenings can also be performed.
    • Screenings that require additional costs to UF can be coordinated (e.g. Federal Court System or FBI fingerprint scanning). Please discuss these needs early in the process.
  • Drug Screening: Standard 6 panel drug test screening on all applicants. 8 and 10 panel testing available upon request.
  • Skills Evaluation and Testing: candidates may be evaluated using both skill and behavioral assessments. This includes over 1,100 validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial and technical job classifications. In addition, candidates have the opportunity to enhance their skills through online training. 


For more information contact Procurement or call (352) 392-1335.