How does the relocation process work?
Procurement receives the requisition and contacts the vendor and the faculty member. The vendor contacts the new faculty member to schedule an on-site survey. The vendor submits the estimate to Procurement and the faculty member. Procurement attaches the estimate to the department requisition.

What do I need to complete for an Office Move?
An award was made on September 21, 2011. Please contact the Procurement Helpdesk at for details.

When should I submit the moving forms?
Procurement would like to receive the completed requisition after the department has a signed offer letter and at least 30 days prior to the move to ensure the faculty member’s move will be handled on the dates requested. Moves desired in June and July should come to Procurement 60 days in advance.

How soon will the faculty member hear from the moving company?
Procurement will contact the mover and faculty member within 48 hours of receiving a requisition with all the required information.

How long should it take for an estimate to get done and back to the department?
It depends on the availability of the faculty member and the requested move date. An on-site survey is required according to our contract with FEW if ANY exceptions. Normally, estimates are received within two weeks.

When will my requisition be approved and the vendor get the Purchase Order?
The requisition will be approved once the estimate is received and the department approves the estimated amount.

Do we have to use the assigned moving vendor?
Procurement will not issue a PO to non UF-contract vendors. If new faculty/staff wish to use their own mover, they can self-move and be reimbursed.

What funding source(s) are used to pay moving expenses and/or relocation expenses?
Generally, when a requisition is submitted to Procurement, the funding source is appropriated funds, although other funds may be used.

What types of expenses are typically included in a move?
Expenses include the packing, loading, transportation, storage in-transit and unloading of household goods.

Can my department pay for airline tickets, meals and lodging for a house-hunting trip?
Budgets, funding sources, and individual department policies dictate what types and amounts of expenses are potentially reimbursable. Although a department may choose to reimburse the new hire for these types of expenses they are treated as taxable income to that new hire. Procurement does not handle relocation or pre-move allowances. Please contact Payroll Services for further information.

Does UF pay relocation allowances in addition to moving expenses?
We have a variety of departments on campus that have other than appropriated funds available to them to assist in paying additional moving expenses. If departments are providing “moving allowances” the Procurement office would not be involved in such reimbursement to the faculty member. Contact Payroll Services for more information regarding self-move reimbursements.

What expenses are tax exempt?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in December 2017 repealed the deduction for moving expenses making employer paid moves or reimbursements a taxable benefit to the employee. Any moving expenses paid or incurred on or after January 1, 2018 are no longer considered tax exempt and will be taxed on the employee’s paycheck.

Which expenses are NOT tax exempt?
Effective January 1, 2018, all moving expenses are taxable to the employee. Any moving expenses, whether paid directly to the vendor on the employee’s behalf or reimbursed directly to the employee, are a taxable benefit and subject to taxation on the employee’s paycheck.

How can travel expenses like airfare and hotel be paid for a new faculty member?
A department will have to reimburse the faculty member for his/her expenses using the guidelines for “self-moves.” The itemized receipts, log of expenses, and copy of the signed letter of offer mentioning the moving allowance must be uploaded as backup to the additional pay ePAF for reimbursement to the employee. Note that a credit card receipt that is not itemized is not acceptable.

Can I pay for the airline tickets and hotel expenses directly with a department Pcard?

Yes, however it is the department’s responsibility to adequately track and report the expenses paid on a P-Card to Payroll Services using the Miscellaneous Taxable Income Request form . Failure to do so would result in the employee and department being out of tax compliance.

How long can the faculty member wait to move his/her household?
This is up to the department on how long they are willing to allow the employee to move. The employee will be taxed on the moving expenses in the year that they are incurred.

Does the University of Florida Withhold Income Taxes on my Moving Expenses?
The IRS requires the University of Florida to withhold income tax, social security tax, and Medicare tax from reimbursements and allowances paid to you that are included in your income. They are also required to withhold taxes on payments made directly to third parties on your behalf. This is reported in box 1 of your IRS Form W-2.

What is Valuation?
The means by which your items are covered in case of loss or damage and the amount of coverage is determined by the weight of your shipment.

Do I need a requisition for a Self Move?
No requisition is necessary for Self Moves. Self Moves are handled through an additional pay ePAF and monitored by University Payroll Services, not Procurement. Please include a log of the expenses reimbursed with the ePAF.

Will the University pay moving for incoming residents that are coming for residency training?
No, but the residents are allowed to use the University contract.

Can we reimburse round-trip airfare even though it was found to be less expensive than a one way ticket?
Yes, since the IRS considers all moving expenses to be taxable income for the employee a round trip ticket can be reimbursed if it is less expensive. The employee should save quotes/screenshots for a one-way ticket on the same flight to document that round-trip was less expensive for auditing purposes.

Can we treat expenses associated with the move of a Lab or Lab Equipment the same as normal moving expenses?
No, these are a special case as they are not normal household goods. These types of expenses, and the special insurance and handling instructions are overseen by Procurement and Environmental Health & Safety.

Last revised 4/13/20