How To Purchase From Lowes


Dawn Delaney
Pro Sales Specialist
Pro Desk – 352-448-2028
Cell – 352-283-4703

Jason Finch
National Account Manager – Govt South
Cell – 727-247-8645



Step 1: Please proceed to Lowe’s Home Improvement (
Step 2: Please create a “Business” account.
Step 3: Provide your University email.
Step 4: Once in, please “join an existing account” and enter the code 6079FAC82A. This will ensure you are under the University’s contract as well as tax-exempt.
Step 5: If any questions at all, please contact Dawn or Jason with Lowe’s.



Step 1: Please proceed to any register with your merchandise.
Step 2: Give the cashier the phone number for the University’s tax exemption, 352-392-3261 or Lowe’s TEMS number, 500381709.
Step 3: Swipe or insert your P-card and retain your receipt.
– Option 1: Paying with a P.O.? Please proceed to the PRO desk and ask for Dawn or any available Specialist and the P.O. will be processed using a University house account.
– Option 2: Need a quote first? Please proceed to the PRO desk and ask for Dawn or any available Specialist.



Step 1: If you already have a Lowe’s contact in which to receive quotes, you can reach out to them direct. If not, you can either go to your local store for a quote or complete Steps 2&3 below.
Step 2: Determine exactly what you would like to buy, including complete description, color, quantity, and part numbers.
Step 3: Email your selections to or
Step 3: Once you have received your quote back from Pro Services, submit the quote to your fiscal staff so that a requisition can be created.
Step 4: Procurement submits a PO to your local Lowes store who places the order for you and contacts you concerning pickup or delivery.



  • Standard delivery timeframe is 1-3 business days on in-stock products.
  • Special order products will vary depending on product.

Last updated: 1/18/24