Environmental Health & Safety Items


Environmental Health & Safety Items

On- and off-campus sites, including all IFAS Stations, are required to obtain pre-approval from Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) before purchasing EH&S items.  These include but are not limited to:

  1. 3D printers
  2. All renovation and construction
  3. Air purifying respirators
  4. Anaerobic chamber
  5. Asbestos decontamination or removal
  6. Autoclave and sterilizer
  7. Autopsy supplies and equipment
  8. Bacteria
  9. Bench top fume collection cabinets
  10. Biological safety cabinets
  11. Boilers & pressure vessels
  12. Bulk storage tanks
  13. Cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems
  14. Compressed gas cabinets
  15. Disaster recovery services
  16. Dioxins and Tri-, Tetra- and Pentachlorophenol
  17. Drones
  18. Electron Microscopes
  19. Environmental growth chamber
  20. Explosives and fireworks
  21. Eyewash stations and safety showers
  22. Fall protection devices (harnesses & lanyards)
  23. Food service equipment
  24. Fume hoods
  25. Fungi
  26. Hazardous waste disposal
  1. Ice Machines
  2. Isolation glove chamber
  3. Gas chromatographs
  4. Kitchen cooking appliances
  5. Kitchen exhaust systems
  6. Lab oven or furnace
  7. Lab vectors
  8. Lasers
  9. Liquid scintillation counter
  10. Microwave ovens
  11. Ozone generators
  12. Personal monitoring or detection equipment (confined space meters, gas meters, survey meters and dosimeters, etc.)
  13. Portable air cleaning devices
  14. Radioactive materials
  15. Refrigerators & freezers
  16. Repair of equipment that is required to be sent off campus (certification of cleaning and decontaminating will be required)
  17. Space Heaters
  18. Self contained breathing apparatus
  19. Tank and Cylinder and accessories
  20. Toxins
  21. Viruses
  22. Walk in refrigerator or coldroom
  23. X-ray machines

To receive EH&S approval send an email to labsafety@ehs.ufl.edu which contains the following information.  Once EH&S approves the request you may make the purchase.  EH&S’s written approval (email) must be attached with the transaction documentation.

  1. Department, lab, and principal investigator purchasing the equipment.
  2. The purpose of the equipment.
  3. Whether the equipment will be used to store flammable solvents (refrigerators and freezers only).
  4. Where the equipment will be used.
  5. Contact name and phone number.

Submit requests to:
Environmental Health and Safety
Attn: Laboratory Safety
P.O. Box 112190
Gainesville, Fl. 32611-2190
Phone (352)392-1591
Fax (352)392-3647

Please see the EH&S Directory for further contact information. You may also refer to the Procurement Directives, Section P regarding the purchase of EH&S items.