How to Purchase from Gainesville’s Sam’s Club

located at 4001 SW 30th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32608


Please note

Sam’s Club requires a store membership card for the employee who will be doing the purchasing. Sam’s Club now does accept the Visa P-Card.

To Get a Departmental Sam’s Club Membership:

Request a list of UF’s credit references from Disbursements.  Take the credit references and UF’s tax exempt certificate to Sam’s Club Customer Service Desk and ask to open a business account in the name of your Department. Anyone in the department using the Sam’s Club membership may use their own PCard to pay for purchases.  Note that a PCard must be used to receive UF’s tax exempt status.  Purchases using departmental Sam’s Club membership must be for University business only.  Purchases must be made in accordance with PCard policy.

Sam’s Club will bill an annual Administrative Fee of $50 and $35 Membership fee for the first employee with an additional $15.00 for each additional employee needing a card. The Administrative Fee and Memberships are due each year.

UF departments are responsible for notifying Sam’s Club if a card-holding employee leaves their position. Membership is transferable.


Revised 9/2/2020