How to Purchase from Gainesville’s Sam’s Club

located at 4001 SW 30th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32608

Questions should be directed to Disbursements at 352-392-1241.

Please note

Sam’s Club requires a store membership card for the employee who will be doing the purchasing. Sam’s Club now does accept the Visa P-Card.

1. Requesting a Sam’s Club Membership

Contact Disbursement Services and request a Sam’s Club application. An original application must be filled out. It cannot be a copy. Fill out the application and present it at the Sam’s Club store. Disbursements will be happy to supply you with a tax exempt certificate, banking contact information or credit references and to answer any questions you may have during this process.


Phone: 352-392-1241

2. Paying for the Membership
Sam’s Club will bill an annual Administrative Fee of $50 and $35 Membership fee for the first employee with an additional $15.00 for each additional employee needing a card. The Administrative Fee and Memberships are due each year. Memberships are paid from the first statement received from Sam’s Club Direct via an unencumbered voucher. Use vendor ID 0000002593 (Sam’s Club Direct) and the address that has your account number in the description.

It’s the department’s responsibility to notify Sam’s Club if a card-holding employee leaves his or her position. The membership is transferable.

3. Shopping at Sam’s Club
You must bring your Sam’s Club card EVERY TIME to complete any transaction at Sam’s Club.

4. Paying for your product at Sam’s Club
After shopping at Sam’s Club, UF employees will need to bring their receipt to their fiscal office for voucher processing. Keep in mind your backup is the receipt you get from the store; this is what you use to submit a voucher request in the system. When inputting a voucher, make sure your correct Sam’s Club account number is input in the message link on the payment tab. Also, use the “remit to” address with your account number in the description, not the address for Sam’s Club in Gainesville.


Revised 6/12/2018