Do I need a requisition for a Self Move?
No requisition is necessary for Self Moves. Self Moves are handled through University Payroll Services, not Procurement.

How long does an employee have to submit self-move expenses for reimbursement?

We recommend the employee submit the original receipts to the department within 60 days from the date the expenses were incurred. Receipts submitted after 60 days may be reimbursed; however,if the documentation isn’t considered sufficient for audit purposes, the employee might have a harder time getting the additional documents from the receipt vendors.

Additionally, here is a list of items to bear in mind regarding self-moves approved by Payroll & Tax Services:

  • Keep in mind that this is a reimbursement process whereby the employee pays for the costs of moving, and then is reimbursed by UF through payroll.
  • Although one could say that people are “traveling” from their old home to their new home, this is NOT travel. It is a moving-related expense.
  • All expenses must be submitted to the University on their original ITEMIZED receipts (not just a credit card receipt showing a total paid.)
  • By submitting the additional pay ePAF, each department is certifying that they have reviewed and approved the expenses they are submitting.

Some more general observations concerning Moving Expense Reimbursement:

  • House-hunting trips, while they may be reimbursed if a department chooses to do so, will also be considered taxable income for the employee.
  • Food expenses incurred during a move, if reimbursable by the department are always taxable. An itemized receipt must be submitted, not just the credit card slip. No alcohol will be reimbursed.
  • The reimbursement rate for mileage for a self-move is NOT the same business rate for UF travel. The moving reimbursement rates are set by the Internal Revenue Service and should be used when the department is calculating the mileage reimbursement.  Current rates are available on Payroll Services website.
  • The moving of lab equipment or research materials is a special case and is not considered a household move.
  • Keep in mind that from the IRS’s point of view, paying/reimbursing an employee for non-qualified expenses is as if UF paid for the item or service itself and gave it to the new hire. This is income and will be taxed as such.
  • Please stress to new hires before they begin spending any funds for their
    upcoming move to keep all original ITEMIZED receipts, and to submit them as
    soon as possible.