Self-Move Guidelines

There are times that a department is allowing only a small amount toward moving expenses and in those instances the new faculty/staff member may elect to move their own household goods via self moving truck rental company. Example: (U-Haul, Penske, or a non- UF contract mover). Should this be the case there a few guidelines we think will help at the time of reimbursement.

The move will be paid for by the staff member and reimbursement will come after the receipts are received in the department. The reimbursement request will need to be submitted using an additional pay ePAF. University Payroll Services will be available for any questions.

University Payroll Services contact information:
Payroll Services Contacts

What the Faculty/Staff member must do:

  • Rent the Truck and any equipment necessary to complete the household move (ex: a hand truck for heavy items) or contract directly with a mover of choice.
  • Purchase boxes, tape, packing materials and obtain receipts.
  • Obtain receipts for all fuel purchased for the moving truck.
  • Obtain receipts for tolls if applicable.
  • Submit All receipts pertaining to the move of Household Goods ONLY.

Meals incurred during an employee’s move are a taxable reimbursement, if approved for reimbursement by the department. Reimbursement for alcohol is not permitted.

What the Department does after the move:

  • Verify the receipts submitted by the faculty/staff member pertain only to the moving of household goods.
  • Create an Additional Pay ePAF for the amount of the reimbursement. For instructions on this process please refer to Receiving Reimbursement for Moving Expenses