How to Purchase Software / Subscribe to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

If you are not collecting, storing, transmitting, or processing restricted data, review by administrative and compliance offices is not required for any of the following hardware or software:

When purchasing Commercial Off The Shelf software, UF-IT’s Software Licensing Services (SLS) has many available options that prevent the need for your department to purchase from a Vendor.

  • A few examples include: Adobe, EndNote, Microsoft Office solutions, Minitab, SAS, and Secunia.
  • Please visit for a full listing of available Software Licensing Agreements.

When purchasing software or subscribing to Software-as-a-Service not covered by UF-IT SLS, companies usually require UF Procurement to complete and sign at least one of the following documents on behalf of your Department:

  • End User (or Master) License Agreement (the legal terms and conditions of use)
  • Maintenance Agreement (maintenance/updates to software or hardware)
  • Ordering Document (costs)
  • Professional Services Agreement (statement of work if services are being provided in addition to software – example: implementation fees)
The UF Data Guide helps you understand your data type within UF’s data classification guidelines. This guide can also be used to find approved software and computing infrastructure for use with various data types. If you prefer, UFIT can assist you with classifying your data.

When deciding to purchase or subscribe to a solution, keep in mind that:

  • UF Policy requires purchase orders for licenses/subscriptions of $5,000.
  • Federal and UF Policy requires multiple quotes at $10,000 (3 or more).
  • Board of Governors regulation requires UF Procurement to issue a public solicitation when a license or subscription will exceed $150,000 (contact Procurement to discuss methods to make the purchase).
  • Please be aware of current IT Risk Management policies related to the Risk Assessment.
    • If the software use-case involves protected health information (PHI), UF will need a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”) from the OGC Contracts Unit at the Health Science Center.
    • If the software use-case involves Student Information (FERPA), the instance needs to be reviewed by UF’s Privacy Office.
    • Prior to entering a requisition, if a Vendor cannot be located in the vendor file in myUFL, the Department must have the vendor complete their information on the UF Supplier Portal.
    • UF Departments must use myUF Marketplace to submit documents related to a purchase.
    • UF Departments must use an Agreement Intake Form if there is no cost or if the purchase will be made with PCard.
  • UF’s Procurement Services reviews Vendor-provided documents to ensure compliance with State Statute, Board of Governors regulation and University policy. Procurement Services has authority to sign all of the documents described above.

Revised: 12/13/23