Travel Transactions

All travel and expense policies can be found in the UF Travel Directives.  Travel expenses paid by PCard must be in keeping with those guidelines.

Use Travel’s UF Travel Checklist & Guide for detailed information on travel related purchases.


When traveling on authorized UF business, there are three payment options available.  The UF “Air Card”, the PCard, and personal funds.

Air Card – Can be selected as the payment option for airfare and related expenses (e.g., agent fees) booked through the UF GO booking tool or directly with World Travel Services, the University’s authorized travel agent.

PCard – Use of the Air Card is preferred, however the PCard can be used to purchase airfare in keeping with UF Travel Directives

Personal Funds – Using personal funds and being reimbursed is a last resort.  Funds will not be reimbursed until after a trip is completed.

First Class
The University will pay commercial airfares for economy/coach accommodations. First class transportation is not allowed. Business class travel will be acceptable on flights lasting longer than 9 hours.  If first class travel is preferred, the traveler is responsible for the difference between coach and first-class rates and this difference MUST NOT be charged to the PCard.

Other Employees
The PCard can be used to pay for other university travelers while on official University Business. Separate receipts are required for each traveler.

All travel directives apply to all non-University of Florida employees (e.g., students, prospective employees, speakers, consultants) when traveling at the University’s expense.

The PCard cannot be used for travel expenses for spouses and other family members unless their travel is also for official business.

Penalties for cancellation may be paid from university funds only if the cause for cancellation is in the best interest of the University or due to illness of the traveler or a member of the traveler’s immediate family.  If the ticket is canceled for the convenience of the traveler, the cancellation fee must be paid by the traveler.  See UF’s Travel Directives and Procedures.

If a cancellation is necessary:

  • Cancel the flight immediately. Normally the airlines will charge a minimal fee for canceling a non-refundable ticket.
  • To verify the cancellation fee is allowable, you must file a Expense Report (ER) which includes a justification stating the business reason the airfare was canceled.
  • If a ticket is canceled for the convenience of the traveler, the cancellation may not be reimbursed from State funds.

Conference Registrations

The PCard can only be used to pay registration fees for conferences, conventions, or seminars.

The PCard may be used when the registration fee includes meals or social events.  Optional events, those with separate fees, cannot be paid via PCard.  Optional events must be paid for by the traveler.

Because conference fees are typically paid in advance the cardholder must sign the registration confirmation to affirm the event is for official business.

Travel Authorizations, required for all travel relating to conferences/conventions, must be done BEFORE making charges.  The Travel Authorization number must be written on the payment documentation.

Please refer to UF’s Travel Directives and Procedures for additional information.


The PCard can only be used to purchase gasoline for use in the following:

  • State vehicle: When approving a charge the vehicle tag number must be included in the purchase description and noted on the receipt.
  • Rental vehicle: When approving a charge the rental agreement number must be included in the purchase description.

NOTE:  The PCard CANNOT be used to purchase gasoline for a personal vehicle—even when traveling on business.  Gasoline for business travel in a personal vehicle is covered by travel per diem and/or reimbursement made when an Expense Report is filed.


Travelers are expected to use prudent judgment in the selection of hotels while traveling on official university business.

Single Occupancy
The PCard can only be used for University/State official business hotel stays and is limited to single occupancy rate.  If a receipt shows double occupancy and the other occupant was not on state business, documentation from the hotel that the single and double occupancy rates were the same is required.  If an employee shares their room with a co-worker while on University/State business, the Travel Expense Report must name the other traveler.

Separating Personal Charges
When making hotel reservations AND at check in, it is important to tell the hotel to separate personal charges from hotel room charges.  The PCard can ONLY be used for the hotel room.  Personal charges such as room service, mini-bar, movies, etc. MUST be charged to a personal credit card.

Tax Exempt
When staying at hotels in the State of Florida, remember UF is exempt from paying Florida sales tax. Often hotels require a hard copy of our Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (Sales Tax Exemption).

Hotel receipts must be itemized.

Other Charges
Other hotel expenses that can be paid via PCard include:

  • Business faxes
  • Internet access (for business purposes)
  • Business phone calls
  • Hotel garage parking

PCard charges for these kinds of services will require complete explanation on the travel expense report.

Most hotels have a cancellation fee, usually the price of one night’s stay, if a reservation is cancelled after a certain number of days before check-in.  Be aware of the cancellation date so you can give the hotel enough notice and not be charged.

Cardholders are personally liable for any charges or penalties resulting from failure to give proper notice of cancellation.  To verify the cancellation fee is allowable, you must file a Travel Expense Report (reimbursement voucher) which includes a justification stating the business reason for the cancellation. If a reservation is canceled for the convenience of the traveler, the cancellation may not be reimbursed from State funds.

Paying for other travelers
If you share your room with a co-worker who is also on University/State business, your Travel Expense Report Form must name the other traveler. Each of you must list the other traveler on the Travel Expense Report and each must notate the name of the cardholder who paid for the transaction.

Cardholders not traveling themselves may use their PCard to pay for someone else’s hotel as long as it is for official UF/State business.  The cardholder should contact the hotel to confirm that they will accept their card as payment.  In these situations, the UF Vendor Agreement for Purchase of Travel Services form may be helpful dealing with the hotel.  If you are booking multiple rooms ask for separate charge for each traveler.

As with all hotel stays, the PCard can ONLY be used for the cost of the room.  All personal charges such as room service, mini-bar, movies, etc. MUST be paid by the traveler.

Remember, only the cardholder may use their PCard.  Do not give your card or card number to other travelers.

For more specific information see UF Travel Directives and Procedures and/or Section 112.061(3), Florida  Statutes.

Rental Car (Automobile Rental)

Travelers whose transportation is provided by rental vehicles shall make use of any State contract for rental vehicles in effect at the time of the travel. See the UF Rental Car Guidelines for details.