Relocation Specialists

UF Procurement has contracted with two relocation specialist suppliers who can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Management of lump sum and expenses provided to transferee
  • Management of household goods
  • Destination Services such as real estate services, temporary housing, rental assistance, etc.

To utilize these services the department will need to contact the Relocation Specialist directly (do not contact more than one specialist for the same transferee) and provide the New Hire’s contact information along with the amount being allocated to the New Hire for the move, and whether the expenses will be taxable to the New Hire.  The relocation specialist will then work with the New Hire directly to provide moving and other services.  The supplier should provide an estimate of cost to the department and get approval before moving forward with services with the New Hire.  The service fees below for the Relocation Specialists will need to be paid by the Department to the Relocation Specialist directly, so a Purchase Order should be provided based on the provided estimate.  Note:  Household goods moving expenses need to be paid by the UF new hire, on the day goods are delivered directly to the moving company.

The two contracted suppliers are Customer Service Relocation and One Source Relocation.

Contact Information:

Customer Service Relocation

Primary Contact: Marian Hedeman;  ; 609-372-7370

One Source Relocation-

Primary Contact:  ; 405-315-1725


Process for Getting Started:

Customer Service Relocation: Send transferee information (Name & Contact Information) to .

One Source Relocation: Fill out the <Initiation Form> and send to .


Relocation Specialist Pricing Sheets

Page updated (5/3/2022)