Relocation Specialists

UF Procurement has contracted with two relocation specialist suppliers who can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Management of lump sum and expenses provided to transferee
  • Management of household goods
  • Destination Services such as real estate services, temporary housing, rental assistance, etc.


The two contracted suppliers are Customer Service Relocation and One Source Relocation.

Contact Information:

Customer Service Relocation

Primary Contact: Marian Hedeman;  ; 609-372-7370

One Source Relocation-

Primary Contact:  ; 405-315-1725


Process for Getting Started:

Customer Service Relocation: Send transferee information (Name & Contact Information) to .

One Source Relocation: Fill out the <Initiation Form> and send to .

**Important** Supplier is to provide an estimate of cost to the department and get approval before contact and moving forward with services with transferee.


Relocation Specialist Pricing Sheets